Frequently Asked Questions

Regular questions concerning document legalization, service charge and term of translation, document receiving channels in order to provide rapid service to customers

How much does translation cost, and how long does it take?

Service charge of each type of document is different due to type and content of the document, therefore, customer should send document for price evaluation in the 3 following channels:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Line ID: 1stchoicetranslation
  • Fax: 02-6166152
  • How can document be delivered after completion?

    There are 3 channels of document delivery

  • Receiving by own
  • EMS mail with additional surcharge of 70 Baht
  • Messenger which delivery fee shall be responsible by customer due to distance
  • Does the Center provide document legalization service?

    Yes we do, we provide stamping seal to certify translation of the company which has been already registered as well as lawyer who has official authority due to registration of Notary Public Attorney

    Typical certification of translation is as follow

  • Certification of translation by Notary Public Attorney
  • Certification of translation by Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, certification of translation of each embassy due to type of document and the country which such document being submitted to
  • Certification of translation by translator
  • Is document certified by the Center being utilized immediately whether or not?

    It can be utilized immediately in some case and it is required certification of translation by Department of Consular Affairs prior utilization in some case which depends on its utilization and contacted organization.

    Does the Center provide legalization service at Department of Consular Affairs, how much does it cost and how long does it take?

    Yes we do, stamping fee of legalization service at Department of Consular Affairs is 400 Baht and it takes 3-4 days after submission
    In case of emergency, the stamping fee is 800 Baht which it takes 1 day

    Evidences required for submission at Department of Consular Affairs

  • The translated document
  • Manuscript *original document
  • Possessive evidence such as such as ID Card, in case of legal entity, Company Affidavit and copy of ID Card of the authorized person are required.
  • Power of Attorney
  • If the translated document has some defect during submission, the Center can correct it whether or not?

    Bringing the translated document and comments from Department of Consular Affairs to us and we shall make correction free of charge.

    More information

    [email protected]

    Head Office : Saphan Khawi , Jajujak , Phaya-Thai