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We provide translation of English tobe Thai or VERSA/ Document legalization service at Thai Consular and Embassy/ English Interpreter/Bangkok Agency translation/ Agency Translation Company/ English translation center.

Translation & Document certification
Notary Public Attorney

  • Governmental documents:

    Birth Certificate/House Registration/Identity Card/Passport/Driving License/Certificate of changing name-family name/Marriage Certificate/Family Registration Certificate/Single Certificate/Certificate of Divorce/Death Certificate/Military Registration Licenses 43/8/9 /Police Notification/Letter of Consent.

  • Business Registration/Company Affidavit/Value Added Tax Registration 20 /Copy of List of Shareholders (BAJ 5) /Memorandum of Association/Prospectus/Certificate of Investment Promotion/Licenses/Annual Reports/ Land Title Deed/Building Construction License/Employment License/Financial Statements/Accounting Records.

  • Legal Document:

    Contracts/Rules/Agreements/Power of Attorney/ Governmental Regulations/Indictment/Verdict/TOR/MOU/ Form of Project Feasibility Study.

  • Industrial Document:

    Product manual- Machine operating manual /ISO /Working Regulations.

  • Media-Advertising Document:

    Marketing Document/Media/All kind of printing translation/Brochures/Websites/Magazines/PR

  • Document authentication:

    Submission for document certification from consulates and embassies in Thailand

  • Notary Public Attorney:

    Providing counsel and legal service, notarizing service in certification of document, certification of signature, certification of individual, corporate director, private company, certification of translation as well as business document and investment by lawyer with official authority and experience, this service is provide both internal and external business locations all across the country.