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Certified Translation / Document Legalization / Department of Consular/Embassies

FirstChoiceTranslation provides certified translations for legal documents: (แนะนำให้ใส่ตัวอย่างเอกสาร (ไม่ใช่ประเภทเอกสาร) ที่ทางบริษัทแปล). We have document legalization service provided at Nationality and Legalization Section, Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to inspect accuracy of document which can be used actually, you shall be facilitated and time saving by this service as you have not do it by yourself.

FirstChoiceTranslation provides a certified translation service in Bangkok and Phuket.

There are 3 types of legalization as defined by ministerial regulation such as
certification of Thai translation and English translation
certification of exact copy
certification of signature.

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types of legalization


  • Document legalization
  • - Certification of translation
  • - Certified True Copy
    • - The Ministry shall merely certify document issued by Thai government authority.
    • - Original document is required in certification of the authorized officer who signed in such document.

Certification of governmental document

Certification of individual signature

  • Original document is required in certification of the authorized officer who signed in such document.
  • Certification of individual signature as document owner and/or as the authorized person to act on behalf of legal entity, all related document shall be prepared and signed by oneself in the presence of officers of Nationality and Legalization Section as well as ID Card or passport, in case of corporate, Company Affidavit and company seal are also required.
First Choice Translation

Preparation of document
(Certification of translation)

1. The translated document

2. Manuscript *original document

3. Possessive evidence such as such as ID Card, in case of legal entity, Company Affidavit and copy of ID Card of the authorized person are required.

4. Power of Attorney You can download the form here.

After certification, all document shall be returned as well as the original manuscript, our center also provides EMS service, if customer cannot come to receive document by own which delivery status shall be inspected at Tracking code

EMS service is additionally charged 70 Baht.

Document legalization fee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular stamping fee 400 Baht per stamp, in case of emergency 800 Baht (service charge is not included)